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To be seen and accepted for who you are is one of the most profound things most people will ever experience their life (short of having kids, I’d wager). I had someone give me that gift this summer and I would not trade it for anything in the world.

We beat ourselves up for not being a certain way, not fitting into a mold.

We lose ourselves not only the daily race, but also in all the ways we sacrifice little pieces of ourselves to maintain an invisible status quo with our partners or friends.

Every time you have the courage to communicate authentically about who you really are and what you need, you will grow. You will gain a little more courage with each step.

The sad truth is that most people have been taught to hold back their needs and not communicate what they need to thrive.

Five or six years ago a friend had recommended The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown. In re-reading it this month, I saw why my summer experience was so profound. We were both ourselves. We were both raw and real and presented ourselves authentically. We didn’t have to hide anything from each other. Our unique mannerisms were in the spotlight and it didn’t matter. We were both ourselves, fully.

The little boy in me who had been bullied, ostracized, and demeaned had at last found peace. He finally knew he was worthy of love.